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Surgical Videos

These surgical videos show how leading European surgeons have used AMIC® Chondro-Gide® successfully with arthroscopic, mini-open, and open techniques in the knee, hip, and talus. Positive post-OP results and clinical data from these surgeries demonstrate that AMIC® Chondro-Gide® is an effective, one-step treatment for cartilage lesions of all sizes.

AMIC® Chondro-Gide® in the Knee

AMIC® Chondro-Gide® in the Talus

AMIC® Chondro-Gide® in the Hip

AMIC® Chondro-Gide® Arthroscopic Technique Prof. Andrea Fontana
Steven Kramer

International Product Manager Sports Medicine

Chondro-Gide® is a bilayer collagen I/III membrane developed specifically for cartilage regeneration.
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Bone Regeneration
Orthoss® and Orthoss® Collagen closely resemble the inorganic component of human bone tissue.
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Experience the Evidence
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Architects of Regeneration
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Chondro-Gide®.
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Patient Information
Here are answers to some common questions about AMIC® surgery and rehabilitation for patients.
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Brochures and literature Orthopedic Professionals.
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Product Safety
Orthoss® and Chondro-Gide® are amongst the leading products for bone and cartilage regeneration.
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The Patient Implant Card (PIC) informs patients about implantable products they have received.
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