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Orthoss® Collagen

Orthoss® Collagen is a highly purified natural bone mineral combined with native collagen, designed for orthopedic bone regeneration. Granules of cancellous bone mineral provide an osteoconductive matrix for bone regeneration. Natural collagen makes this composite material malleable.

Specially Combined for Bone Regeneration

Orthoss® Collagen is a composite material characterized by a bimodal pore structure of micropores and macropores with high interconnectivity. 1 This structure gives Orthoss® Collagen a large surface area, plus wettability and fluid retention capacity. 1

The collagen part of the material is resorbed within 1-3 months. Meanwhile, the slow resorption rate of the mineral scaffold provides a protective environment and volume maintenance during bone ingrowth.2,3

The large inner surface also results in exceptional osteoconductivity and osseointegration. The biofunctionality of the natural material further enhances bone ingrowth and vascularization.4,5,6,7


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Orthoss® Collagen Block 10 x 10 x 8 mm
Orthoss® Collagen is available in one size.
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